ENCORE 2016 (contributions)

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ENCORE verabschiedete Kärntner Deklaration

LR Holub: Klimawandel ist größte Herausforderung unserer Zeit – Europäische Regionen brauchen mutiges Handeln für mehr Klimaschutz 24.09.2016


Europäische Umweltkonferenz ENCORE fördert Zusammenarbeit der Regionen

LR Holub: Kooperationen zwischen 26 europäischen Regionen im Umwelt- und Klimaschutz – Kärnten ist bei Erneuerbaren Energien im europäischen Spitzenfeld23.09.2016


Klimaschutz: „Von Worten zu Taten kommen“




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Internet platform to exchange best (and worst) practices

The 3d ENCORE alliance is a dialoguet platform to exchange best (and worst) practices.

Please leave your comments, feedback, questions, projects, documents on

https://www.dialog-encore.bayern.de/ . We would like you to start a vivid discussion and give examples of projects etc.

2 best practises of Catalonia:



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Weissenseer Holz-System-Bau GmbH ( ” Weissenseer” ) is located near the beautiful lake Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria (Europe). The company is in its third generation of wood building and timber engineering. While our forefathers obviously still concentrated on traditional carpentry, the scope of our work has naturally progressed with the more sophisticated demand of today’s clients for energy efficient construction.

Even during the introduction of sectional timber construction almost twenty years ago (fabricating low energy consuming elements for family homes) the company was still building the occasional boat houses, boat decks, log houses, car ports or conservatories. But the research driven decision to enter into the prefabricated timber construction of passive elements has changed the focus of Weissenseer to become a true specialist for wood based passive construction hulls, the ” intelligent skins”.

Weissenseer’s main goal is to help in the creation of an energy efficient, sustainable and affordable space to live and work, while at the same time preserving our planets resources. Research and development are central missions in our daily work aiming to provide our clients with “autarc homes” or “autarc office buildings” in the near future, structures which will be independent of traditional power supplies.

Sustainability – as we understand it and commit to it –  should always be embedded in a precise context and demand framework. This framework shall determine our strategies, designs and actions. And that shall not only be visible in our responsible use of regenerative construction materials, it shall also result in a growing awareness of life’s larger context and correlation for all our team members and clients. We want to be confident that through our daily work we are also helping to preserve the livelihood of future generation.

ENCORE has become supporting partner of the Compact of States and Regions.

This week ENCORE has become supporting partner of the Compact of States and Regions (CoSR).

The ENCORE regions that have already signed the compact are Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Rhône Alpes, Scotland, Wales and Lombardy.

The 2015 Compact reporting deadline ended on August 28, 2015. We will inform you asap about the date for application in 2016.

Please contact Chris Thorpe (Email:chris.thorpe@cdp.net, Phone: +44 (0) 203 818 3918) or Alice de Palma (Email:alice.depalma@cdp.net, Phone: +44 (0) 203 818 3943).

For more information see also: The Climate Group website

You can find the official documentand the questionnaire under ‘See also’.

ENCORE Present during Open Days in Brussels

During this year’s Open Days, ENCORE was proud to be co-organising the workshop “Regions Open for Green Business: Environment Legislation as a Driving Force”. On the invitation of DG Environment and in co-operation with the Committee of the Regions’ ENVE Commission, several ENCORE regions showed examples on how they promote green growth in their regions.

Regions play a major role in promoting green growth because they are close to entrepreneurs and other important stakeholders involved in the “greening the economy” process. The presented how the current EU environmental policy promotes green growth at regional and local level and looked at success stories which clearly showed the contribution of European regions to foster a greener economy. Co-moderated by ENCORE Chair Minister Rolf Holub (Carinthia), the ENCORE regions of Catalunya, Bavaria and Drenthe as well as some member regions and cities of the Committee of the Regions presented best practices and case studies which aim at promoting green business, innovation and job creation.

This workshop formed the 6th meeting of the CoR/EC Technical Platform for Cooperation on the Environment, which seeks to contribute to a better implementation of EU environment law.

The presentations held during the workshop can be found via:http://ec.europa.eu/environment/legal/platform_en.htm

Pictures can be found via: