Zaragoza 2008

Zaragoza 2008 Conference

encore 2008
8th Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe

Water and Climate Change
Challenges for a Sustainable Europe, Contributions from the Regions


26-27th June 2008


Zaragoza, Spain
Cajalón Building, calle Coso 29, Zaragoza, Spain


The 8th ENCORE Conference took place within the framework of the celebration of the International EXPO Zaragoza 2008 (14 June – 14 September 2008).
The EXPO 2008 held in Zaragoza was entirely dedicated to the theme Water and Sustainable Development.

Over 95 countries have accepted to participate in this global event.

Central themes: Water as a universal human right, the protection of aquatic ecosystems, education, transparency and participation, technological innovations and many more.

encore 2008

The Zaragoza Water Charter will be signed aiming to include scientific elements and social and human dimensions of improved water management world-wide. It will refer to clean, safe water and poverty. There will be a point referring to water and its relationship with energy, as nowadays these two elements go hand in hand.

encore 2008

Zaragoza EXPO 2008 Water and Sustainable


pdfProgramme ENCORE 2008 Conference

Action Plan:

pdfAragon Action Plan
pdfAragon Action Plan Monitoring Report


docENCORE 2008 Conference Results

ENCORE Contribution to EXPO’s Zaragoza Charter: Declaration of the European Regions towards Water in the 21st century

encore 2008

This document consists of the Contribution of ENCORE to the document (Zaragoza Charter) that will be approved by EXPO at the end of the Exhibition gathering all the relevant results obtained during the 3 month period of EXPO. This ENCORE Contribution will be formally approved during the Closing Session of ENCORE Conference. See doc2008 Contributions to the EXPO.doc

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