At the ENCORE conference 2012 in Drenthe it was decided to start working on the basis of political alliances. These alliances were formed with a political consensus.

The environmental ministers in question agreed to take the lead to realize the goals and agreements. The first step is that the alliance is meant for those regions/ministers in the workshop concerned.

Although it was not quite clear if it means that they automatically were a member of the alliance or feel responsible to take action. A next step is that every region in the ENCORE network (or outside) can join an alliance.

Thus an alliance can grow to a kind of small network, a ‘working group’ or a platform on a topic, which eases up the collection of data, best practises etc.

Besides alliances formed during ENCORE 2012 Conference other initiatives were initiated which were to be established later on.

The 11th ENCORE conference in Bavaria led to the conclusion of nine political alliances. Those alliances are the base of actual political cooperation in ENCORE for the next two years. The alliances are related to existing and urgent environmental issues. The continuation of these alliances, further specification of the content and delivering results is a central part of the ENCORE working programme 2014-2016.

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Last modified: January 22,2015