What is the ENCORE conference?

The conference is ENCORE’s driving force and is intended to be a high political level summit taking place every two years. The conference shapes and guides
the work of the network. It takes stock of the progress made between conferences and approves the political strategy of ENCORE.

Who is the political leader of ENCORE?

ENCORE is presided over by the Minister for the Environment or the relevant political leader of the region that will host the next conference together with the
equivalent that hosted the last conference. The Co-Presidents lead and promote ENCORE at political level. Currently, ENCORE is presided over by Carinthia (Austria) and Bavaria (Germany).

Who is allowed to participate?

Participation is open to all regions in states belonging to the European Union or to the EFTA or in states which will join the EU in the foreseeable future. Participation is voluntary, with no fee and no legal commitments.

Last modified: June 9,2016